Pine nut oil

Unrefined and non-deodorized


 Manufactured by means of mechanical operations using the method of the first cold pressing.

 This unique delicacy vegetable oil is made according to the latest vitamin-preserving technology of pine nut kernels.

   Pine nut oil is a unique natural product, having no analogues. Its synthesis is impossible.

   Pine nut oil has always been considered a delicacy. Its amazing taste and flavor will not leave you indifferent.

  This gourmet and useful oil is used for dressing all sorts of salads, any vegetable dishes, soups and porridges, for cold and hot appetizers. It is also recommended to add to the rich dough to give a better taste.

  Using this oil in cooking, you will not only give your meal incomparable flavor and aroma, but also ensure yourself a good health. Pine nut oil can be replaced with any vegetable oil, but the pine nutr oil itself cannot be completely replaced with anything!


Pine nut oil composition and benefits


Amazing power of this oil has gained worldwide recognition. Pine nut oil is used not only as an extremely tasty vegetable oil for cooking, but also as a well-known traditional part of folk medicine. It is an effective therapeutic agent for preventing and treating a variety of diseases.

 Concentrated pine nut oil contains the following vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3 (PP), B6, D, E, F, K. For example, as for the content of vitamin E, which contributes to lower blood cholesterol and plays an indispensable role in all reproductive processes and genital sphere mechanisms, - pine nut is 5 times greater than olive oil.

 Pine nut oil contains 3 times more vitamin F, which is not synthesized in the human body, than medications sold in pharmacies based on fish oil.

 Pine nut oil is rich in OMEGA-3 and OMEGA-6.

 Regular consumption of pine nut oil:

  • regulates nervous system activity and metabolism; increases potency of the men and refresh your body;
  • helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood, improves the blood count, reduces the ability of cholesterol to plaque formation;
  • plays an indispensable role in the normal course of pregnancy and lactation of nursing mothers;
  • improves the immune system of the body and helps to improve vision;
  • prevents gastrointestinal tract diseases: gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, peptic ulcer (up to complete dispersion);
  • cleans the body, dries out radionuclides, heavy metals and other toxins;
  • prevents hair loss, fragility of hair and nails;
  • is effective in psoriasis, dermatitis, diathesis, urticaria, neurodermatitis, bed sores, erosions, trophic ulcers, burns and freeze burns;
  • helps with acute respiratory diseases (colds, flu, etc.), laryngitis and tracheitis;
  • is effective in pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • is very useful for children for proper growth and harmonious development of their body;
  • can be used externally during the massage, infriction in the bath or sauna;
  • provides the rejuvenation effect for the skin, making it firm and elastic.


Pine nut oil is recommended for people, living in large cities and other polluted areas, and for people, working under high psychological and physical stress. As a unique natural food product, pine nut oil has no contraindications and side effects.


This oil is indeed a real storehouse of nutrients.

 Pine nut oil also plays a significant part in formation of a full diet. It is particularly recommended to be included into the diet of baby foods as its properties help to strengthen the immune system. Moreover, this oil is widely used in sports nutrition because the energy value of this product amounts to 9 kcal per 1 gram with digestibility of 98%.

 If this oil is included in the daily food ration, the body receives the powerful healing effect. The best option of getting all the vitamins in the product is to use it in the cold meal. Also, do not cook meals with this delicacy in a metal bowl, as biologically active substances always undergo the destruction process in contact with the metal.

 Among the many benefits it is worth noting the fact that cedar oil in its composition does not yield the animal fat, so it is quite in demand and has been successfully used in vegetarian cuisine. The high content of vitamin E allows recommending its inclusion into the diet of the pregnant and lactating women, as it is vitamin E that plays an important role for the proper structure of the genetic processes and perfectly stimulates lactation.


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